Why Goodyear Retreads?

Tires are one of the top three expenditures for truck owners. You can help save money and achieve the lowest cost-per-mile by using Goodyear’s cradle-to-grave program that includes retreads. So whether you operate long haul, regional or mixed service trucks, you can get the performance you need by choosing from our application specific tread designs the offer like new performance at a lower cost than new tires.

In addition to the traditional procure retreads, Goodyear offers premium UniCircle® retreads. The UniCircle products feature a spliceless construction made using Goodyear’s patented retreading process. They adhere snugly to the casing to enhance traction and help reduce costly tearing and chunking. Plus, they incorporate Goodyear’s exclusive UniCircle compound that helps enhance traction and treadwear.

Goodyear UniCircle® Retreads

You get like-new performance and appearance characteristics from Goodyear UniCircle retreads. That's because they feature a seamless construction since they're made using Goodyear's patented retreading process.

Enhanced traction and costly tearing and chunking reduction are additional benefits of UniCircle retreads because they adhere snugly to the casing. Plus, they incorporate Goodyear's exclusive 2015T compound that matches new tire performance criteria for treadwear and traction.

You can expect lasting strength from the seamless UniCircle construction, as well as even treadwear and low rolling resistance due to its uniform retread characteristics and dimensions. The end result is cost-efficient performance for your fleet.

Goodyear Precure Retreads

Precure retreads are available in a wide range of styles for enhanced performance in any application.

To create precure retreads, tread rubber is firmly bonded to the buffed tire casing with a layer of adhesive.

The two ends of the new tread segment are carefully fitted together. The tread and casing are then placed in a curing chamber, where the tread becomes securely adhered to the tire.

Goodyear Mold Cure Retreads

Mold cure retreads don't require adhesive, so they're lighter and more fuel-efficient. They also offer strength and toughness because the mold curing process produces a seamless construction.

To make mold cure retreads, the new tread is formed by applying raw rubber to the casing and heating it in a mold.